The Festival of Hope is a multi-faceted evangelistic initiative spread over several months including prayer, training, special events, and caring for those who respond to the gospel in our churches.

The main Festival events will take place on the 11. - 12. November in the Oslo Spektrum.

Thousands will gather for a contemporary program of music and well-known special guests with a clear proclamation of the gospel from Franklin Graham.

Franklin Graham, the son of the world famous Billy Graham, has a passion for preaching the gospel clearly and simply to those who do not know him. Fulfilling his calling as an evangelist, Franklin has preached in this way to millions in every part of the world and many have responded in the commitment of their lives to Jesus Christ. He is President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Throughout his life since his own personal commitment to Christ, Franklin’s strong heart of compassion for the needy and vulnerable people of the world has been seen in his leadership of Samaritan’s Purse of which he is also President. It is one of the world’s largest relief agencies, which seeks to show the love of Christ to refugees and all peoples in times of crisis.


The Festival of Hope is for all members of all churches. It will give Christians renewed understanding of what it means to be a Christian and how to share it with others. This will help equip your church for long-term growth.


Through the ‘I am Andrew’ program the Festival of Hope training program will equip your church members with the principles of how to develop relationships with others. This will help them not only to share their faith but also care for those who respond to the preaching of the Gospel.


Christians and Churches are united in the importance of sharing the Gospel with others. The Festival of Hope will enable churches to work in partnership in this, the greatest of all tasks. It will strengthen the unity that we share in the gospel.


All those who respond to the Gospel through the Festival of Hope will be referred to the churches where they live. This will mean that there will be exciting new growth in church life in both numbers and commitment to Christ.


Festivals of Hope always prove to be times of renewal for both individuals and local churches. Sharing together in training, praying, involvement and the preaching of the Gospel leads to new joy, co-operation and a renewed focus on the heart of the task of sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with our community.