The ANDREW Project

Our great desire and prayer to the festival is to inspire, train and equip individuals like you, me and others to be a modern-day Andrew. We will do this through the I AM ANDREW project and the title comes from the example, Andreas (Jesus’ disciple). He first followed Jesus and later fetched his brother Simon Peter, so that he could get to know Jesus. The project consist of these three main topics:

  • How to LIVE an effective Christian life
  • How to SHARE the Gospel with others
  • How to CARE for new Christians

In September it will be hosted the I AM ANDREW courses in house fellowships, churches and other assemblies across Norway. The course encourages Christians from all churches to identify and start praying for their non-Christian friends / family members / neighbours / work colleagues, witnessing and inviting them to the festival. The teaching itself takes 2 hours to complete and we provide all the teachers and teaching materials.

If you, your fellowship or church will take a part of this please contact our I AM ANDREW Coordinator Maria, email:

Our goal with all of this is very simple, we want to equip as many christians as possible to witness and share their faith so more people can get a relationship with Christ.